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I wonder if by chance every words in the world have been use in every combination possible.

I have always been fascinated by what might happen to the future when the present is affected by the past. The combination is weirdly present in the past and will always be used in the future. Isn’t that weird? I mean that combination of words can mean so much yet it only says what is it and nothing more.

A man said, “if you want your words to have deep meaning, speak like Yoda.” I think that is somehow brilliant. We twist our words simply by prolonging how people consume the words bit by bit to make it more meaningful. It’s tiring and so we thought it to be so meaningful.

I believe in something that can be seen on the surface, for something that needs to be understand fully after thinking for a while is tiring. But then again life teaches us that the later part would be way meaningful. To spend time, for time is irreplaceable, therefore it is priceless. It’s weird how life teaches us things we don’t really understand until a certain time of our own life. We see things in a way others won’t.

These random words will always be a meaningful part of my way of expressing my thoughts. A lady said something that I’ve always been asking myself, “I have always wondered what’s going on, on other peoples mind.” Somehow it is scary when we wonder why we can only listen to our thoughts but not others. But I guess that is what the previous paragraph tells me.

Every time I come back home, spending time with old familiar faces, talking about what was and what will be, always fascinates me. Sometime you just have to just look back, in my way, meet people who were so dear to you and realising that they still are, to really understand what you are looking for in life.