I have tonnes of stuffs that is still unsettled. No internet at home and slow connection inside the campus plus having a hard time getting any reception is killing me.

And the campus is so-called trying to produce a top in the field graduate student with this kind of environment. I’f say they will succeed briliantly. Just don’t expect any credits coming from the student.

Crappy ranting. I am trying not to post anything like this but just bare with it. I felt so in debt with you people who follow this blog for not giving any update.

4wise man said “let it be”.
I say life sucks anyway
Why bother.


You know, as you try to leave to somewhere that you know that you hate most, eventually you’ll understand the meaning of living your life the way you wanted it the most. Yes, I’ve been enjoying the past six month of my life a lot. Yet nothing last forever, so they said and it is true.

Life have so much to offer, so they said again. But of course life will have its up and down and no matter what, always keep it in you mine that the first line still aplies.

Though I will not leave for somewhere that is so far away in terms of distance from where I call home, I will be far away from all the life that I loved most. I landed myself with a partnership offer that well, not so bright for me to take so I turned it down. I published my own zine along with my friends and got my article being read by a lot more people than I can imagine. Volunteering at soup kitchen, thank you Syaq for introducing me to the ever lovely Pertiwi Soup Kitchen family. Taking care of the orphans over at the Rumah Titian Kaseh. And so much more.

All that I ever wanted to do, I thank you all of my friends and family for that.

I will go to another chapter of my life now and finish it. Thank you for spending time to read this and have a wonderful day ahead.

Ps. I write this on my phone. Sorry for the grammar mistake if I did not corrected it.

As you might or might not know, I am a troubled architecture students because of my stubbornness. My lecturer were giving me a hard time and failed me twice on my design course which lead me to a very unsatisfying life. But that was 6 months ago.

I choose to take a break from my studies which at first, didn’t seem like a very good idea but then, life have so much more to offer. I got to do what I wanted to do and meet all new and different sort of people that makes life so much more lively than it was before.

I was never the kind who opens up stories about my own life just because I hate it. I used to be hating the question of “So, what are you doing now man?”. But the case is now I was waiting for it. Waiting to share all the stories of my life. Story will always be meant to be shared not told. So I did wrote that before.

Working in the professional world gives me a lot of experience to say that, that kind of life, wasn’t meant for me. I am so in love with the art world that I want to be one with it in other ways. But still, I will be working professionally for 10years coming just so I can realise every bits of my dreams. I have a dream and I know I’m not the only one. So say one of the four wise man.

For my reader, I shall say thanks for spending time to read, and watch all the post that I’ve posted and do expect more to come. This is just another life story of mine and thank you for spending time on this blog.

This blog will not be updated back until the month of September due to some lack of motivation to write and some personal beheading experience. So the writer said. Me.

I am very sorry but in the mean time please do check out on other post and give a comment or anything on it.


They say the there’s a broken light for every heart on Broadway
They say that life’s a game and then they take the board away
They give you masks and costumes and an outline of the story
Then leave you all to improvise their vicious cabaret

In no longer pretty cities there are fingers in the kitties,
There are warrants, forms and chitties and a jackboot on the stair
There’s sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime,
And at least the trains all run on time but they don’t go anywhere
Facing their responsibilities either on their knees,
There are ladies who just simply freeze and dare not turn away

And the widows who refuse to cry be dressed in garter
and bow-tie and be taught to kick their legs up high in this vicious cabaret
At last the 1998 show!
The ballet on the burning stage!
The documentary seem upon the fractured screen

The dreadful poem scrawled upon the crumpled page!

There’s a police-man with an honest soul that has seen whose head is on the pole
and the grunts and fills his briar bowl with a feeling of unease
The he briskly frisks the torn remains for a fingerprint or crimson stains and endeavours
to ignore the chains that he walks in to his knees
While his master in the dark nearby inspects the hands with brutal eye
that he never brushed a lover’s thigh but have squeezed a nation’s throat

And he hungers in his secret dreams for the harsh embrace of cruel machines.
But his lover is not what she seems and she will not leave a note

At last the 1998 show!
The situation tragedy!
Grand opera slick with soap!
Cliff-hanger’s with no hope!

The water-colour in the flooded gallery

There’s a girl who’ll push but will not shove and she’s desperate for her father’s love.
She believes the hand beneath the glove may be one she need to hold
Though she doubts her host’s moralities she decides that she is more at ease
in the land of doing as-you-please, than outside in the cold

But the backdrops peel and the sets give way and the cast get eaten by the play.
There’s a murderer at the matinee.
There are dead men in the aisles.
And the patrons
and the actors

too are uncertain if the show is through,
and with sidelong looks awaits their cue
but frozen mask just smiles.

At last the 1998 show!
The torch song on-one ever sings!
The curfew chorus line!
The comedy divine!
The bulging eyes of puppets,
Strangled by their strings!

There’s thrills and chills and girls galore,
There’s sing-songs and surprises!
There’s something here for everyone,
Reserve your seat today!

There’s mischiefs and malarkies
But no queers
or yids
or darkies
within this bastard’s carnival
this vicious cabaret

From the V For Vendetta written by Alan Moore