An idea

I hereby making a promise to myself that I will work hard in many ways possible to make my dream come true. The hardship that will I will go through will be put into the opening of my future gallery as so I will see it become one of the absolute goal in my life. The gallery will be somewhere around anywhere that is super awesome and someday hopefully I can even open up one in New York which will be the another goal in life(that is super dreamy but fuck this I will work hard for it). For friendship and for achieving a milestone in life, I will work hard and this shall be my desire to do so. When in time of hardship may belittle me, I shall make myself read this and remember this promise to myself and my friends so I will not forget this promise.

This shall be the promise that I made with a friend of mine that we shall make our dream of opening up a gallery become a reality. We will sign this pledge and will be looking forward in our growth to make this dream come true. For myself, this will be the first ever pledge that I will make with my friend regarding my future career and shall forth be something meaningful. I will not stop until I reach this goal and will not stop trying until I do so. So Iman. you better be ready for this and work hard cause I know I will.


I need some ideas to write about stuffs. So here goes. If by chance anyone stumble upon this post, take a look at my blog to see what I write and how does my writings go. I’m still a very new writer but I’d say I love writing since I was quite young. The ideas that given will be much appreciated and do tell me if there’s any new way of writing that I can try. I’ve been meaning to write short poems and haiku and stuffs but generally I will write about current issues in article form. I put by basic introduction somewhere here and here.

For the time being, I have put aside political issues just because I’m waiting for my best friend to come back and give it a kick once again.

So here goes the most absurd thing to ask. Give me an idea on what to write and I will try my best to write everything that came up and the idea will be credited. Not that I am trying to be famous or anything but getting someone to read what you wrote is the best feeling that one writer can have.

Death of architecture will be updated by tomorrow and I will put up more character soon.