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In my country, racism is an unbearable thing to handle. Coming off from a different race can mean a whole world here. Racial background will ever be the cause of blindness towards one’s eyes to see others as human. A man once said, we have always look at someone else’s face that we forget to realise that we never had ever been able to see ourselves in person. Only reflections and pictures. Yet we are so being judgmental towards others.

The video is from the ever-lovely late Yasmin Ahmad. Portraying the difference of racial background, love, education, and friendship. More if you want to put it.


I shall dedicate this to the people who are missing their loved ones. To those who had lost their loved ones and to those who will lose their loved ones. To the person who are going to leave your loved ones and to those who are living without thier loved ones.

Richard Dawkins said we are lucky knowing that we are going to die.

As we know that we were born and lived though it may be short but we were born to this world. Knowing that there are a lot more that were never born.

All this short post brings me the feeling of unsatisfaction. Knowing I hardly ever have anytime alone for myself to think and put it in words readable are annoying.

Thoughts are never readable and even if it is, I reckon it will be understandable to others than the thinker themselves.

Another short post will end with another random poem, or maybe just words. May it or may it not affect your life is another story.

“Dreams of dying
Nightmare of living
Unworthy existance
Worthy of dying”

I have tonnes of stuffs that is still unsettled. No internet at home and slow connection inside the campus plus having a hard time getting any reception is killing me.

And the campus is so-called trying to produce a top in the field graduate student with this kind of environment. I’f say they will succeed briliantly. Just don’t expect any credits coming from the student.

Crappy ranting. I am trying not to post anything like this but just bare with it. I felt so in debt with you people who follow this blog for not giving any update.

4wise man said “let it be”.
I say life sucks anyway
Why bother.

You know, as you try to leave to somewhere that you know that you hate most, eventually you’ll understand the meaning of living your life the way you wanted it the most. Yes, I’ve been enjoying the past six month of my life a lot. Yet nothing last forever, so they said and it is true.

Life have so much to offer, so they said again. But of course life will have its up and down and no matter what, always keep it in you mine that the first line still aplies.

Though I will not leave for somewhere that is so far away in terms of distance from where I call home, I will be far away from all the life that I loved most. I landed myself with a partnership offer that well, not so bright for me to take so I turned it down. I published my own zine along with my friends and got my article being read by a lot more people than I can imagine. Volunteering at soup kitchen, thank you Syaq for introducing me to the ever lovely Pertiwi Soup Kitchen family. Taking care of the orphans over at the Rumah Titian Kaseh. And so much more.

All that I ever wanted to do, I thank you all of my friends and family for that.

I will go to another chapter of my life now and finish it. Thank you for spending time to read this and have a wonderful day ahead.

Ps. I write this on my phone. Sorry for the grammar mistake if I did not corrected it.