Passion Or Money

“I am an architecture student but as I continue on this path it seem that I was not right about it after all.”

Those are the words that often echo in the life of architecture student. But then again most of them turn out to be an architect as well. I am no different than the words spoken as I have tonnes of interest in something else. Most of it have to do with arts, or might as well everything that I wanted to do have to do with the heart of an artist. But in the end I choose architecture just because I love the art of thinking more.

Everyone have their own individual hobby as to speak, I myself love photography, music, writing and something else. But what does it have to do with architecture. How does it help having something else besides architecture as an interest? I would say a lot.

Tonnes of people I knew of in the world of architecture love something else more than the subject itself and in the end they realise and pursue it and became successful. Realising what you want to do is very important as it may lead to realising what is more important. Once, I had an argument of either choosing passion or money. I choose passion. However, it is never wrong to choose money too. It really is up to the person own decision.

For I live according to my passion and I wanted happiness to whatever I will encounter, someone else choose to live in hardship and follow their passion afterwards. In the end it is all about passion. Just so you know the debate about passion or money started off with, “if I follow my passion I do not think I will be successful, so I reject your words.” It is how you wanted it to be.

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