Death of Architecture

Eventually the world of architecture in Malaysia lacks the eager to do more than just presenting a beautiful project. The thought process being put into a design still lacks in many ways possible and for that the younger generation of architect here are getting less acknowledge due to lack of creativeness that was supposed to be in the package of becoming an architect.

Most of us had been thought to do our work just as what does our lecturers want without putting much effort to what the students want. We learn so much yet we learn nothing in the terms of being the architect that we wanted to be.

We have this general idea of becoming one of the sought after architect, to be called the master architect which are look up for their great knowledge and thought that were being put into their design. The dream to be someone like Antonio Gaudi, Renzo Piano, Albert Khan, Alvar Aalto and so many more yet the only thing that we learn is how to just imitate their work rather that asking question of why do they do the things they do. Lacking in so many ways possible, our education system, in term of architecture studies now are more to producing future workers and just that. No thinkers, no artist, no scientist, not even a person who critics.

Maybe what we really need now is someone who can actually talk about design rather than someone who can sell design. You say we talk about design but do we really in the actual working world do that?

I have a lecturer who recommend me moving away for my studies just because my way of doing my design is not acknowledge much here. But then again why don’t they change? I have this idea of changing the world through the means of architecture as it is the only way to prove that we existed in this age of man. Now thinking again, what will architecture be in the future scares me as somehow, thinking all the possibilities of man are getting afraid of changes will never run away will only just makes the world of architecture be a never ending cycle of repetition of the past and stop evolving.

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  1. klu ka tau sape aku, ka memang hebat. hahaha. as for me, our lecturers told me that malaysian architectural education does not suit my style. they said that i’m more suitable with the way the orang putih style of architectural education – head full of filosofi and ideas but no products necessary to prove your thinkings . bangga but at the same time, a bit kecewa gak. haha

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