The time when I first saw you, a total strangers, at the school break camp. I haven’t got to see your whole self but I do remember your smile. Those smiles that make me stop the intense talking. We were strangers but when you were out of sight I remember searching for that smile. Eventually we sat across each other in the hall and I keep looking, like I was some stalker.

As I went to sleep I keep thinking about that smile, the cheerfulness, the craziness, that laugh and that smile. By morning your friend said that you were somehow was looking at me too. You can’t imagine how I felt but I was smiling the whole day. By evening fall I dress up looking smart just to impress you and as I saw you I kept telling myself that I won’t come across any girl like you ever. I held on strong and approach you, never did I do that before but there I was, standing close to you and saying ‘hi’. We talked and though it was a short one, I was able to make you smile. I remember you were smiling hard when I was walking away and promised you we should have a chat again. As the day past we keep looking and smiling at each other like there was no one else in that hall. That smile you give me makes me dream even though back at my room people crowd in just to get a laugh. Yes it was loud but your voice was louder.

By the next day as we having our lunch separately, you and your friends and me with mine, sitting across each other, looking as no one else was around to chat too. But then somehow you stood up and walking towards me with that smile, I can never forget that smile, and asking me for my contact number. I remember time stops by that time as people were looking at us, looking at you and how I felt lucky to have you asking that. As I write it down and give it to you I still remember how beautiful that smile was, meaningful. By the end of the camp I still remember that grin you made when we are about to leave each other. We hugged and I remember I don’t want to let you go. As we parted we give a small wave and that sad look, the one I never wanted to see again, not on that beautiful face of yours. As I leave with sadness I check on my cell and remember that text message that you gave to me.

”I have a pair of eye but I can’t see you
I have a pair of hand but I can’t hold you
I have a pair of ear but I can’t listen to you
But I have one heart that will remember you always.”

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