A contract

I hereby making a promise to myself that I will work hard in many ways possible to make my dream come true. The hardship that will I will go through will be put into the opening of my future gallery as so I will see it become one of the absolute goal in my life. The gallery will be somewhere around anywhere that is super awesome and someday hopefully I can even open up one in New York which will be the another goal in life(that is super dreamy but fuck this I will work hard for it). For friendship and for achieving a milestone in life, I will work hard and this shall be my desire to do so. When in time of hardship may belittle me, I shall make myself read this and remember this promise to myself and my friends so I will not forget this promise.

This shall be the promise that I made with a friend of mine that we shall make our dream of opening up a gallery become a reality. We will sign this pledge and will be looking forward in our growth to make this dream come true. For myself, this will be the first ever pledge that I will make with my friend regarding my future career and shall forth be something meaningful. I will not stop until I reach this goal and will not stop trying until I do so. So Iman. you better be ready for this and work hard cause I know I will.

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