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I am quite busy for the time being due to a lot of stuffs going on. So try checking out my selection of music that might be to your likings. Lazy post is lazy.D=

Bon Iver
Fleet Foxes
We Were Evergreen
Micheal Kiwanuka
St. Vincent
She & Him
Zee Avi
Priscilla Ahn

Updated: New post on Sunday. After I move to a new house.


So you fell in love.
What is love?
An imaginary thing called feelings.
But people choose to believe.
Just as people choose to believe in friendship.
An act?

4 wise man ask and answered
“Would you believe in a love at first sight?”
“Yes I’m certain that it happens all the time.”

But still human said there are 3 stages towards relationship
“I’m interested with you.”
“I’m in like with you.”
“I’m in love with you.”

So love.
So imaginary
So believable.

We have this idea, of making people here in Malaysia realise what art really is. Not saying that Malaysian know nothing about it but considering what we were thought in the university level makes people who studied art there seems to be more on the following the old kind of art instead of creating a new kind of art form. Which by my mean is, putting your passion of your life into your work.

The idea of making art is to self express yourself in a way that one may never seems to understand and will make up words to be said when being asked, but never it is explainable by yourself too. It is unexpected and somehow, it reflects the idea of that moment when you are creating it, and somehow after, it may or may not be significant any more depending towards the eye of the seer.

Malaysian art are dangerously being imagined as nothing more than graphic, which can be said as a manipulation of lines and shapes. A conception of saying an art is something that can be seen in the form of 2 dimensional shape, within a canvas or a frame. But let truth be told, that was never the strong point of Malaysian art. It is art, yes, but there are surely more to it than that.

Our old generation are more affectionate towards the idea of art in the form of words and realising it by a theatre formed by actors and actresses that interpret the characters in their own significant way by studying the language written by poets and writers. We have song that lasted through centuries, singing the melody that is filled with words that have meaning more that one can imagine. Poems with words that sung and read with rhythm full of expression to what may the reader felt as they speak. Yet all of that is so shut off and one who love ceased to be learning on their own, rather than being thought, the lived it.

Live your life full of passion and then everything will be turned to art. So they say, as I agree.

I haven’t posted anything new for 2 days since I’ve been quite busy with other things. Finally the second edition of ‘zine huh’ is out. If you don’t know what it is. It’s a self publish zine that me and my friends made that consist of artworks from what we called fresh and still kind of new artist that are still trying to make name for themselves.

Just so you know, a zine is basically a mini form of magazine.

We are still very new in this so any kind of comments and contribution are very much welcomed. I’ll update this post later on with the pictures of the zine later. The theme for this second edition is  ‘7 deadly scene’.



please ignore the bad pixel.=)


I don’t have any words to write today so enjoy this clip of I assume it’s my hometown Sabah. The video description doesn’t state the name of the Island but I recognized some of the places that can only be at my hometown.