Death of Architecture

Part 3

As one proposed the idea of making the past as present, one never thought that the past may want the past of their past to be their present. One may talk about the great past that once lived by great person known by the present. A talk about historical value of one such proposed ‘golden age’ may never be the same of any other person. As to the extend now, people don’t usually realise what is the importance of reading about the past and translate it towards the present now. And the now rarely thinks about the significant of present for the future.

Once a room, a space, a furniture, was dignified as to value each other as to compliment the feeling of one will experience inside it, or just looking at it from outside, or even just by passing through it. A genuine artist knows well enough the importance of walking instead of just driving past a street so to know very well and experience every small details of the place. Though it may seem a little bit tiring or even boring, one may never really know the true value of the place unless one gave time to feel it. But now what kind of feeling one may feel will always be different in many ways but never will it be far from others.

An experience is somehow evaluates by the qualities of time spent towards a certain kind of atmosphere. A room may seem a little bit scary if one is never brave enough to walk in a room full of dust, an old painting of some old scary literature imagination hanging by the wall, portraits of a family who use to live there and out of nowhere, a story about their death came out. But then again, never to experience the view outside the window of the room overlooking a beautiful pond, decorated with flowers, sitting by on its side, the beautiful wooden floor made from the finest wood to be found there, and all the beautiful paintings, placed around the big scary literature imagination just making it one of the most beautiful room of its present time.

A space was meant to be felt by the user, in many ways possible. Some may never really look by walking by each day at the office lobby, every small detail will come out and if it doesn’t make the passer by more in love with it, in the sense of comfortable, you know one who actually works there won’t find it to be either.

The expression of space is thought as a basic design. An interior designer knows well enough about the qualities inside, but to be a complete designer, one have to know the feeling of the inside from outside as well. How does a space express a single thought of one who lives in it?

I live in a country where almost every space will always be considered boring, dead, lifeless, or even not significant at all. But then looking back at the past will make it considerably good as the old shop houses have so many significant values as to how it express the time period of their present.

Expressionism is the way of people expresses their own self through tonnes of different medium. In the architecture world however, it is considered to be very well overboard as architect is trying to create, or express their own self thought into a space, a building where it was meant to be publicly used. And so the people will reacts in many different way, judging, only that without any specific reasoning as they may not even know how to express their feelings. But then again, the kind of work will always be the talk of the future, in a bad or even in a good way. But that’s for the future to decide. As towards the end, to express the current present will always be important to show how is it like now, and how indifferent it is from the future’s present.

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