Let me tell you a story about this girl. A girl who was excitingly trying to be happy in whatever situation possible. She was admired by a lot of boys who were undeniably cool and handsome but strangely always will she fell for that one boy that never was anything but a man.

She had this smile on her face that makes people smile unconsciously whenever they look at her. As if it was in a scene in a movie where there this one group of girls, and no matter what, she will always be seen first by a man. She had this composure of being someone that will always be well known and everyone will always find it grateful to be just around her. Always will she shines as never will she ever not smile in front of strangers that have nothing against her.

But of all the happiness, she will always be sad in front of the failure of her relationship. Always will she never smile when it comes to being look down by someone that she look up. She had always been looking around for happiness because deep down inside, no matter how hard she tried looking for that happiness that she herself never been able to feel, she know that until she finds it, she will never be a woman that she want to grow up into.

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