A man had always thought that every person that he admired was better than him and never will he be better then them. He was always felt down when meeting with the person whom he had admired. One who helps people without any hesitation, naive you call it but he never will ever be able to help people without thinking more than once. One who is smart at school and will always get better grades than him no matter how hard he tried, oh yes he tried until he almost never be able to past his exam due to not coming at all. One who had the family of ever loving, never was he good with his family though he did tried, wrongly that is. One who have a wonderful relationship with another loved ones, he will always be the one to reject one who love him and fell for one whom he can not even trust, yet he called it love. He was naive.

But yet after all that downfall he had in life, a lesson which he admire the most was the lesson that thought him to love himself more than admiring people who he was not. He who will always be there when a friend needs help, not caring about where or when, he can be the best friend one can ever have. He who will ever follow his passion no matter how hard it is, no matter how many are against it, no matter how. He who can always learn to be a better person and learn to accept anything and everything that cannot be change, though will strive hard if he have faith that it can be done. He who will always value love, for everything that he believed in, as he will never lose hope of loving.

As far as he goes, the stories will begin with this character. He who learnt to know himself as he was never aware of who he was and who he will be. He will soon say this to a lot of other person that will feel how he felt, “No matter how sad you think you are, even the people you admired will always have something to learn from you and you should be happy for that.”.

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