Death of Architecture

              This is the first of maybe many more to come. This is a notation of a student point of view, of which experience may not be much but a story yet to be noted as a point of view, not more and nothing less. An architecture student has yet to be tested for the ability to discuss philosophy as he might not be good enough.

We might as well know that the world we live in judges things a lot. In many ways possible, never to accept, always rejecting the new ideas, way too comfortable living in the past, recognizing the present by yesterday and the future will always be the history. But of all this there are some countries, that offer free education, the higher ups who pay taxes, people who eats the things they grow, a newspaper that discuss instead of telling how people what to think.

Of all that and you wonder what does that have anything to do with architecture? A friend of mine defines architecture as the significant to everything that we do. What else can it be in the form of art? An art will always be valued by the very significant of it. But as we all know that architecture is the art and science of buildings or, so to say the art of playing with form, space, and order. What is architecture exactly? If art is nothing but significant, and science on the other hand, is the truth of everything that is happening around us, what does both combined mean? The significance of everything that is true?

            The only way to be in the world of architecture is to think about everything, to relate every pieces of information, political, economic, social value, environment, animals, rain, sun, wind, and many more to create a perfectly comfortable, if not, artistic piece of building. Or it can be something more but never less.

For now do we even think of why architecture matters?

As a student in a local university, I often think of how the international architecture school works. Do they have the kind of system as we do? This is not to debate about the laws of university but we do not even have the freedom to be self-express of whom we really are. Always being limited to what we can or cannot wear. Does that even matter to the eyes of the young students? What does wearing what we want have to do with architecture anyways? I would say none but it does have effect to how we think. As I said earlier architecture is about the absolute way of thinking. How can we even think without first having the chance to express our-self?

I might not be the brightest student in my age of living but I have a lot of question. Ridiculous in many ways but still what is a question but to have a better understanding of a certain subject. Why is architecture dead?

A misconception of why does it even matter? To what sort of value must it reach to make it alive again? Towards what way can the values rises? This is not about the materials, the construction, the drawings, or the architect themselves. This is about the way we think. How do we even value something? From a student point of view towards another.

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