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Part 3

As one proposed the idea of making the past as present, one never thought that the past may want the past of their past to be their present. One may talk about the great past that once lived by great person known by the present. A talk about historical value of one such proposed ‘golden age’ may never be the same of any other person. As to the extend now, people don’t usually realise what is the importance of reading about the past and translate it towards the present now. And the now rarely thinks about the significant of present for the future.

Once a room, a space, a furniture, was dignified as to value each other as to compliment the feeling of one will experience inside it, or just looking at it from outside, or even just by passing through it. A genuine artist knows well enough the importance of walking instead of just driving past a street so to know very well and experience every small details of the place. Though it may seem a little bit tiring or even boring, one may never really know the true value of the place unless one gave time to feel it. But now what kind of feeling one may feel will always be different in many ways but never will it be far from others.

An experience is somehow evaluates by the qualities of time spent towards a certain kind of atmosphere. A room may seem a little bit scary if one is never brave enough to walk in a room full of dust, an old painting of some old scary literature imagination hanging by the wall, portraits of a family who use to live there and out of nowhere, a story about their death came out. But then again, never to experience the view outside the window of the room overlooking a beautiful pond, decorated with flowers, sitting by on its side, the beautiful wooden floor made from the finest wood to be found there, and all the beautiful paintings, placed around the big scary literature imagination just making it one of the most beautiful room of its present time.

A space was meant to be felt by the user, in many ways possible. Some may never really look by walking by each day at the office lobby, every small detail will come out and if it doesn’t make the passer by more in love with it, in the sense of comfortable, you know one who actually works there won’t find it to be either.

The expression of space is thought as a basic design. An interior designer knows well enough about the qualities inside, but to be a complete designer, one have to know the feeling of the inside from outside as well. How does a space express a single thought of one who lives in it?

I live in a country where almost every space will always be considered boring, dead, lifeless, or even not significant at all. But then looking back at the past will make it considerably good as the old shop houses have so many significant values as to how it express the time period of their present.

Expressionism is the way of people expresses their own self through tonnes of different medium. In the architecture world however, it is considered to be very well overboard as architect is trying to create, or express their own self thought into a space, a building where it was meant to be publicly used. And so the people will reacts in many different way, judging, only that without any specific reasoning as they may not even know how to express their feelings. But then again, the kind of work will always be the talk of the future, in a bad or even in a good way. But that’s for the future to decide. As towards the end, to express the current present will always be important to show how is it like now, and how indifferent it is from the future’s present.


I need some ideas to write about stuffs. So here goes. If by chance anyone stumble upon this post, take a look at my blog to see what I write and how does my writings go. I’m still a very new writer but I’d say I love writing since I was quite young. The ideas that given will be much appreciated and do tell me if there’s any new way of writing that I can try. I’ve been meaning to write short poems and haiku and stuffs but generally I will write about current issues in article form. I put by basic introduction somewhere here and here.

For the time being, I have put aside political issues just because I’m waiting for my best friend to come back and give it a kick once again.

So here goes the most absurd thing to ask. Give me an idea on what to write and I will try my best to write everything that came up and the idea will be credited. Not that I am trying to be famous or anything but getting someone to read what you wrote is the best feeling that one writer can have.

Death of architecture will be updated by tomorrow and I will put up more character soon.

Let me tell you a story about this girl. A girl who was excitingly trying to be happy in whatever situation possible. She was admired by a lot of boys who were undeniably cool and handsome but strangely always will she fell for that one boy that never was anything but a man.

She had this smile on her face that makes people smile unconsciously whenever they look at her. As if it was in a scene in a movie where there this one group of girls, and no matter what, she will always be seen first by a man. She had this composure of being someone that will always be well known and everyone will always find it grateful to be just around her. Always will she shines as never will she ever not smile in front of strangers that have nothing against her.

But of all the happiness, she will always be sad in front of the failure of her relationship. Always will she never smile when it comes to being look down by someone that she look up. She had always been looking around for happiness because deep down inside, no matter how hard she tried looking for that happiness that she herself never been able to feel, she know that until she finds it, she will never be a woman that she want to grow up into.

A man had always thought that every person that he admired was better than him and never will he be better then them. He was always felt down when meeting with the person whom he had admired. One who helps people without any hesitation, naive you call it but he never will ever be able to help people without thinking more than once. One who is smart at school and will always get better grades than him no matter how hard he tried, oh yes he tried until he almost never be able to past his exam due to not coming at all. One who had the family of ever loving, never was he good with his family though he did tried, wrongly that is. One who have a wonderful relationship with another loved ones, he will always be the one to reject one who love him and fell for one whom he can not even trust, yet he called it love. He was naive.

But yet after all that downfall he had in life, a lesson which he admire the most was the lesson that thought him to love himself more than admiring people who he was not. He who will always be there when a friend needs help, not caring about where or when, he can be the best friend one can ever have. He who will ever follow his passion no matter how hard it is, no matter how many are against it, no matter how. He who can always learn to be a better person and learn to accept anything and everything that cannot be change, though will strive hard if he have faith that it can be done. He who will always value love, for everything that he believed in, as he will never lose hope of loving.

As far as he goes, the stories will begin with this character. He who learnt to know himself as he was never aware of who he was and who he will be. He will soon say this to a lot of other person that will feel how he felt, “No matter how sad you think you are, even the people you admired will always have something to learn from you and you should be happy for that.”.

You don’t have to be happy to smile, you just smile to be happy.

by M.

It’s a say towards unforgiving situation. Sometime a situation can be just sad or just negative and people just don’t know how to react to it. For whatever the condition is, the quote simply just implying the importance of finding all the small values of a negative situation and accept it for what it’s worth. And always smile, not a fake smile you do when you try not to give bad impression towards a certain moment. But smile because you accept the moment is just as it is.


As I write this part of the story, I just got back from Bandung, Indonesia. I spent 4 days of nothing but such experience. What does architecture mean there, why does architecture there the way it is today? On what cause does it deliver, just cause by chance every parts of architecture is eventually destroying, and we as the architects destroy it by some means that it will eventually bring some meaningful story behind it. Though you might strongly rejects the destroying parts of architecture by saying the architects will always create, I strongly reject the point where we actually create something but instead destroying some parts and replacing it with something else.

            Somewhere lays the words sustainable in the world of architecture nowadays. But let’s take a look in what way architecture are sustainable. On the way the site was picked, the way the studies was made, the tools used for making the design, the paper to draw, the lights and hours spent on the projects, the materials used way afar from the site, the construction of the building or just maybe the way it is used. On which part of it the sustainability tally with all the process, and as such is for the architect or maybe the politician to decide.

            Somehow we forget what is important and what is not. The people, the money, or maybe the true form of art and science. We always, in our prime studies day talk about the people instead of the money but does that really happen? On which level do we really got to talk about our opinion instead we listen to someone else’s opinion. Some lacks the extra feel of enthusiasm towards the world of architecture.

The history being told said that the old architects of the world creates a building which resembles the god’s house, the palace of where lies eternal love, the undeniable perfection of art, the ultimate social place for the riches, the ever comfortable place to live under extreme weather condition, and many more but does that still exist in the modern architecture?

            What does modern architecture lacks? The old architects were thinkers, are we not thinkers too? What kind of role model should we follow if we think the past thinkers are useless? Will there be any kind of thinkers acceptable if we really give a deep thought on what was said, given by the old humanity. I always doubt every speech given in any kind of form but never do I reject. As to reject is to not think, blindly denying everything and I myself will try ever so hard not to fall that low. As to not think makes you stupid in every way possible. But still it’s hard not to reject as we were thought to be that way.

Are we as students really are learning a dying subject of life matter? I am still a student but I shall say the only ultimate reason of which I love architecture is only because it makes me think more than before. The ultimate fun of it is when two minds collided, but never to reject, accepting every views of point, and at the end of the fun, the mind become not old or the same but a new. And as the process continues it will grow. No two minds will ever think alike in any way possible but as the thinkers think, eventually it will turn out to be the same in different ways.