I wonder if by chance every words in the world have been use in every combination possible.

I have always been fascinated by what might happen to the future when the present is affected by the past. The combination is weirdly present in the past and will always be used in the future. Isn’t that weird? I mean that combination of words can mean so much yet it only says what is it and nothing more.

A man said, “if you want your words to have deep meaning, speak like Yoda.” I think that is somehow brilliant. We twist our words simply by prolonging how people consume the words bit by bit to make it more meaningful. It’s tiring and so we thought it to be so meaningful.

I believe in something that can be seen on the surface, for something that needs to be understand fully after thinking for a while is tiring. But then again life teaches us that the later part would be way meaningful. To spend time, for time is irreplaceable, therefore it is priceless. It’s weird how life teaches us things we don’t really understand until a certain time of our own life. We see things in a way others won’t.

These random words will always be a meaningful part of my way of expressing my thoughts. A lady said something that I’ve always been asking myself, “I have always wondered what’s going on, on other peoples mind.” Somehow it is scary when we wonder why we can only listen to our thoughts but not others. But I guess that is what the previous paragraph tells me.

Every time I come back home, spending time with old familiar faces, talking about what was and what will be, always fascinates me. Sometime you just have to just look back, in my way, meet people who were so dear to you and realising that they still are, to really understand what you are looking for in life.


Finally I get this publish, still on this weekend. Sorry if you guys were waiting for it but here it goes. I’ll first explain the general idea of zine and how I want to make it. Then going on to how I will try to give it exposure and to sell. The ending will be the general idea of the whole thing.

I hate writing something formal but for the sake of making it understandable, it will be written in a well-mannered form but still with my style of writing.

p.s. if you want to read about the idea of the zine and skip the part where I explain about the zine, (which I guess many of you will have your own idea about it) scroll towards the final 3 paragraph of the whole post.

What is a zine?

The general understanding of zine is actually, as a mini form of the magazine. Close but zine is actually the collection of the public idea and the best thing about it is, cheap and easy to be made. The range of type of zine is up to one own desire as long the final shape of the zine is small and easy to be kept.

How to make it?

Well as a collection of idea, mainly it will be designed and publish by our own hands making it a very interesting project. The collection of idea will be wide but still not running away from the theme of the zine itself. Media such as pictures and writings will be the easiest to get and tonnes to be submitted since that is what basically what can be printed on a paper. But then again we do not limit ourselves to just that because the people have basic curiosity of looking up what they cannot get. So instead of just words and images, links to video, blogs, music will be welcomed too.

I did say I have a team that publish a zine so here is basically what we do. We are a team full of art lovers and we discuss a lot about what art really is and how we want to make our zine as a phenomenon in the art world. For us, art means everything that you put passion into. That is what our zine is all about, presenting, publishing, spreading any forms of passion that people submit to us.

How to make it public?

This is easy and well, since we have internets and other stuffs, I rather not say much because I bet you guys have tonnes of idea about this.

How to sell?

Before telling you my idea about this, let me first tell you the general idea of me and my team’s zine. First of all, we never had any intention of selling our zines since we believe that we are doing something we love and we want to share it. Of course we were happy and people that get our zines were smiling from ear to ear since we use quality paper and the content was quite high in quality, meaning the image resolution and other stuffs. But then again we were using our own money and that make us being held back a lot. So we change our way but still not to forget to provide a quality zine, we start selling.

The zine will be on sale so we can cover the basic printing fees and other matter regarding towards the making of the zine.


Now that settled, here comes to why I want to create a zine which its sole purpose is to promote architecture. I’ve been in the world of architecture since I was young and very passionate about it too. But the thing is now, knowing the dirty world of architecture where the old guns would say, “It’s quite normal to treat your client to get a project.”  got me thinking. We are not doing it right here. Having problems with students getting a hard time with finding a job after graduation is one thing, having the right amount of pay is another big thing. Many other things, I leave you to find it yourself as you are going about to experience this thing we love or happen to stumble into.

This zine will promotes architecture and the truth about how people should look at architects. We will get students project, writings, photographs, idea, law and basically anything that have to do with the architectural world, put it in a tiny cool booklet and let the world know how this thing change the way we look at the world today.

For now the zine will be progressing in a slow manner since I still don’t have a team and still finding ways to make this thing come true. So if by chance you guys happen to read this, spread the word and you can contact me for any more information via twitter or facebook or to make it even more old school, my email.

Thank you for reading. =)

Twitter: @ahnafrudin

Facebook: Ahnafrudin Jalaludin

If only I can make someone feel so much just by writing:

I would make everyone understand how hard is it for someone who is living life being bullied.

I would make people understand how much does faith values in the world that is so full of uncertainty.

How love can be so overrated and still is underrated at the same time.

That the word ‘friends’ are so important that it is hard for me to even consider someone else as a friend.

I smile just because I’ve been struggling with my life everyday, knowing I have so much things that I left undone and I will not stop getting it done one step after another.

I miss a person on that certain time.

How I wish I can make a difference and trying so hard to make myself a better person.

That my dreams are not just a dream and I shall strive hard to make it come true.

That by living you will know that life have so much more to offer.

And how everyone is feeling the same way as I do and no one else is different.

So quiet that it seems so sad
So silent that it seems everyone is mourning
A hint of sound making it seems like someone is crying
A hint of noise making it seems like someone is breaking apart

A gesture of sound and noise
So silent yet so loud
Never ending voice of something
Signifying the night

Or maybe just an end.

In my country, racism is an unbearable thing to handle. Coming off from a different race can mean a whole world here. Racial background will ever be the cause of blindness towards one’s eyes to see others as human. A man once said, we have always look at someone else’s face that we forget to realise that we never had ever been able to see ourselves in person. Only reflections and pictures. Yet we are so being judgmental towards others.

The video is from the ever-lovely late Yasmin Ahmad. Portraying the difference of racial background, love, education, and friendship. More if you want to put it.

I shall dedicate this to the people who are missing their loved ones. To those who had lost their loved ones and to those who will lose their loved ones. To the person who are going to leave your loved ones and to those who are living without thier loved ones.

Richard Dawkins said we are lucky knowing that we are going to die.

As we know that we were born and lived though it may be short but we were born to this world. Knowing that there are a lot more that were never born.

All this short post brings me the feeling of unsatisfaction. Knowing I hardly ever have anytime alone for myself to think and put it in words readable are annoying.

Thoughts are never readable and even if it is, I reckon it will be understandable to others than the thinker themselves.

Another short post will end with another random poem, or maybe just words. May it or may it not affect your life is another story.

“Dreams of dying
Nightmare of living
Unworthy existance
Worthy of dying”